Polyester Plain Glitter Powder

Polyester Plain Glitter Powder

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Our Polyester Plain Glitter Powder is outstanding in terms of radiance, quality & consistency. Made of finest polyester metallic film, there is uniform shape and precise size glitters. The metalized and color aspects are just perfect. We offer impressive and chemical resistant glitters, broadly used in coatings and cosmetics industry. With superior lightweight material, they give extraordinary shine and reflection. Also, we keep up with a variety of colors and sizes of glitter material. It brings improved effects and excellent productivity.

Uses of Polyester Plain Glitter Powder:

1) Prints for textile and leather.
2) Metallic prints, PVC.
3) Cosmetics.
4) Sprinkling for color decoration.
5) Epoxy and Polyester resin.
6) Painting for Poster, plastic goods, etc.