Pigment Colours

Pigment Colours

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Pigment Colours are used for coloring paints, inks, fabrics, cosmetics, plastics, and other materials. These are also used in visual arts, artists' paints, and light-reflecting signs. Mostly, pigments are coloured and solid powders. They are main ingredient for all paints. They are not soluble and not practical as solution, Pigments are solid particles mixed with liquid. Also, they are employed in water and oil-based paints, plastics and printed inks etc. They keep their color for a long time period, and withstand intense light, high heat, exposure to chemical agents or weather.

Key Attributes:

1) Insoluble materials, and mixed with binders etc.
2) Preferred by artists and painters.
3) Excellent colour strength and brightness.
4) Used in many applications covering fabrics, cosmetics and plastics.